About me

Yours truly

This site is created and authored by me, Karl Levik, a UK-based database engineer, data wrangler and open-source enthusiast.

Scope and purpose

The blog has a dual purpose of 1) serving as technical notes to help me remember what I've learnt, and 2) also an attempt at contributing something useful back to "the Internet".

My current interests are centred around fundamental back-end technologies, in particular database systems and related topics. I have worked with SQL database systems for two decades, in particular MariaDB in recent years. I’m also a longtime GNU/Linux user, and more recently a FreeBSD user as well. I expect to write mostly about database technologies and related topics, although occasionally I will inevitably wander outside of my comfort zone to write about other topics.

While I generally prefer open-source software, proprietary software is a fact of life which I will occasionally also write about.


Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer, past or present.